Is Jessica Leigh Cossel a cheater or a player?
 Name: Jessica Leigh
Other Names: Jessica Cossel
Location: Bowling Green, KY or Glasgow, KY
Phone: 270-576-1486 2705761486
KIK: sweetjessi77
Dating Profiles: sweetjessi77 on
Other usernames: JJCossel
Jessica met a guy on Tinder. From the messages we saw they talked about sex and made plans to hook up. The day of their date she stopped responding to his messages and didn’t answer his calls. Below is what she really looks like.

Is Jessica a Tinderflake?

Update March 2016:
Two new men have written reviews claiming Jessica is a married women named Jessica Cossel.



10 thoughts on “Is Jessica Leigh Cossel a cheater or a player?

  1. She had a public affair with a student when she coached at the high school.

  2. I think she’s like many other women who are married and get on dating sites or hookup sites for attention and waste men’s time with no intention of meeting. Happens all the time. Stupid bioches need to be outed.

  3. She wasn’t married when she had fling with student. She also ended up marrying him after he graduated

  4. Watch out! Don’t trust her with your man. She doesn’t care if they are married with kids. Nasty. Home wrecker.

  5. I need to find out more about this female, she could be having an affair w my husband, if it’s not her it’s a different jessi,

  6. That is all the info we have. If you get proof or more info send it to us and we post it. We can also post married man if you get proof.

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