Is Jenny Boyle aka Jennifer Frances a player?

Name: Jenny Boyle
Other Names: Jennifer Frances
Description: 5’4, 145lb, 34C fake breasts
Email: moc.l1685482442iamto1685482442h@87e1685482442lyobf1685482442J1685482442
Phone: 513-254-1108
Facebook: (now deleted)
Instagram: Jfboyle78
Twitter: Jfboyle78

From the information we saw, a man met Jenny and they texted for awhile. They made plans to meet for sex but Jenny canceled at the last minute. They made plans to meet again and then she stopped responding to his messages or answering his calls.

Is Jenny a player? Leave a comment below.


7 Replies to “Is Jenny Boyle aka Jennifer Frances a player?”

  1. There is no way Jen should be on here. She is a loyal girlfriend and an amazing friend. Her ex needs to get over the fact she has moved on and has blocked him from all areas of her life.

  2. Jen do you want me to post pics of your texts and prove how you talk about the sex you like and how you want a man with a big penis?

  3. I would like to say to whoever this is ….. That I am deeply sorry for hurting you. I wouldn’t ever intend to make someone feel this way. I am now in a committed relationship and moving forward in my life after some hard times of my own with heart break. I feel horrible I did it to someone else as I know how bad it hurts. I hope u accept my apology and I will pray you find someone and everything u are looking for ❤️

  4. Haha Everyone was denying it was her and as soon as the guy offered to post proof of the slutty stuff she was into she apologized

  5. Another example of little girls playing games and wasting guys’ time. This site rocks!

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