Is this Jennifer Hoffman a player?

Name: Jennifer Hoffman
Location: Kentucky
Email: moc.l1695429664iamg@1695429664hj.69169542966458nam1695429664ffohj1695429664

We previously had Jennifer on our possible player list here. Last night someone wrote us and explained that they had similar issues with Jennifer. He said eventually she did send a picture but then didn’t keep a date. He said in all their conversations she acted “sketchy” as if she was hiding something.

He also said to tell everyone that she considered herself very attractive and was very stuck up about it. To warn guys she thought because she was hot she could do whatever she wanted.

Update: We had a reader point out that we have a different Jennifer Hoffman here.

The other Jennifer Hoffman also seemed to be a game player and their email addresses are very similar. Our reader suggested the fat Jennifer Hoffman might be behind both email address and the reason she didn’t show up for dates is because then guys would know she was lying about what she looked like.

Thanks for catching that!

2 Replies to “Is this Jennifer Hoffman a player?”

  1. She answered my ad last night and did acted stuck up just like you guys said she would

  2. Exactly. That’s what fat ugly bitches do online. They have an attitude which makes you think “yeah, she must be hot cuz she’s being aloof” – no, what it means is she’s fat. Any chick that is afraid or gets mad about sending you pics is hiding something. Been there, done all that.

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