Is Jennifer Hoffman a crazy?

Jennifer Hoffman

Name: Jennifer Hoffman
Email: moc.l1679492011iamg@1679492011namff1679492011oh62r1679492011efinn1679492011ej1679492011
Phone: 859-414-9340

Jennifer is a short obese woman that wrote she was interested in a guy. Then it turned out she was already had a man and wanted to cheat on him. When the man responded that he wasn’t interested she got nasty.

Update: We had a reader point out that we also reported on another Jennifer Hoffman here.

The other Jennifer Hoffman also seemed to be a game player and their email addresses are very similar. Our reader suggested the fat Jennifer Hoffman might be behind both email address and the reason she didn’t show up for dates is because then guys would know she was lying about what she looked like.

Thanks for catching that!

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