Is Jenna Blate a player?

Name: Jenna Blate
Location: Bexley, OH
Phone: 330-685-6839

According to screenshots we saw Jenna met a man on Tinder and they texted for awhile. She wanted to hook up and was looking to have fun. They agreed to meet but she didn’t show up and stopped responding to his messages.



2 Replies to “Is Jenna Blate a player?”

  1. Well she invited my boyfriend over made out with him, sucked his ***, **** him missionary then he snuck out while she was asleep and she knew he was in a 2 year relationship with me so I’d say she quite the fucking whore.

  2. She just got married new name is Jenna Gonzalez and all her friends are giving it a year before she cheats on that poor guy to

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