Most of these are woman that sent strange, one line emails or acted like they were interested in dating and then ignored a guy. We don’t know if they are fakes or players so leave a comment and share your opinion.

Name: Michelle Eubanks

Wrote a guy saying she wasn’t allowed to send a picture and nothing else.

Name: Kitty
Email reported shows she responded to a guy’s personal ad by asking if he was willing to pay her. No picture and nothing else.

Name: Samantha Cushard
Samantha wrote a guys personal ad and then stopped responding

Name: Anne Riddle
Reported emails show she wrote a guy saying she wanted to have sex with him and asking for pics but wouldn’t send hers.

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  1. Eubanks, I went over her place in downtown. We smoked and hooked up. She was nice, and we both had a fun time. Although she wont respond to me unless I tell her I have some on me.

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