Is Jamie Karalynn a scammer?

Name: Jamie Karalynn
Other Names: Jamie Freeman (possible)
Jamie Karalynn Freimuth (possible)
Location: Cincinnati Ohio and Florence Kentucky USA
Phone: 513-638-9359
KIK: ifalldownalot
Websites: Fetlife and OKCupid
Dating Profiles:

Jamie say she work at the public library in downtown Cincinnati, OH USA. We don’t have any pictures of her because she refused to give out her email address or meet this guy. She sent him a link to her profile where she said the pictures were of her. He said they were of a short blond woman in her early 20s with big boobs.

They just texted and talked on the phone but every time they made plans to meet she would cancel or not show up at all.

Update: A man said he also meet her on Fetlife. He said they texted and talked but never met and she wouldn’t give him her email address either. They made plans to go some kind of party together and she even helped him pick out a tuxedo by texting pics back and forth. Then just before the party she went crazy and never showed up. He also said he frequents the library she supposedly works at but has never seen her.

The guy sent us the photos he had saved from her profile on When we checked them they show up on several porn sites around the world as the Porn Star Sarah Vandella.

Update October 2015: Jamie is back at it on OkCupid using the profile name nightgirl_cometh

Update June 2018: Another man contact us and say he also played by her. They talk much but when she makes plan to meet she always cancel. He says he was told her name was Jamie Freeman. He thinks she may be Jamie Karalynn Freimuth because of the similarity in name and location. He thinks she used the porn stars pictures because of what she really looks like.

Update January 2020: Another man contacted us and said he has also run into a woman using the same pictures in Canton Ohio

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3 Replies to “Is Jamie Karalynn a scammer?”

  1. I am the tux guy. I saw her on OKCupid and texted her today because I wanted to give her one last chance before I sent it to you. She was nasty from the moment she first replied. She said she is engaged but she had been on OKCupid several times this week so she is either a liar or a cheater.

  2. I immediately recognized her as Sarah Vandella. I wonder where the photos came from, though, since reverse searching them turns up nothing. Very strange.

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