Is Jaime Belew a player or a fake?

Name: Jaime
Other Names: FrecklesHeadTed, the phone number is registered to Jeremy Belew so her name may be Jaime Belew
Birthday: 1979
Physical Description: 5’7
Location: Kentucky USA
Phone: 859-412-0732

The messages show Jaime met a man on the dating app Bumble and exchanged phone numbers. She never answered the phone when he called but would text. They made plans to meet for a date but Jaime never came to the restuarant. We found her on a few dating websites and the photos she posts are very old.

Update June 2018: Another man contacted us with screenshots of messages that Jamie had led him on for weeks and then ghosted.

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  1. She did the same thing to me about a year ago. If it helps you any she told me she is a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit, had two sons and liked Halloween.

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