Is moc.l1685828774iamg@1685828774ysatn1685828774ahpla1685828774cigar1685828774t1685828774 a Player?

Name: Unknown
Email: moc.l1685828774iamg@1685828774ysatn1685828774ahpla1685828774cigar1685828774t1685828774

We first were told that this woman only sends pics of random body parts like her boobs. From the pics in emails that were forward to us, she looks obese. She never sends a real pic though. So we listed her on our mega fake list.

Then last year she wrote and said her feelings were hurt and “I didn’t consider myself REALLY fat“. When we responded we asked why she didn’t send a real photo of herself instead of trying to decieve guys. We also offered her the chance to send us a pic of her with a Fake Busters sign  to prove it was her and she wasn’t obese.

Yesterday (6 months later) she replied that she didn’t have to prove anything and our list made her laugh. So we are putting out the Fake Busters signal and asking for more information about her. Anyone that may know her real name or have a pic of her please send it to us!

Update: We received an email from another man that had the same experience with her. He said she would send him photos of her in bondage clothing but never a normal picture of her. He was able to forward an email where she described herself as wearing a size 16 dress, was tall and wore glasses. We looked up American size 16 and that is fat.

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