Is moc.l1679661792iamg@1679661792kcabn1679661792rohen1679661792it1679661792 a scam?

Name: Unknown
Email: moc.l1679661792iamg@1679661792kcabn1679661792rohen1679661792it1679661792

According to reports this email address is being given out by women on dating websites. But the conversations the supposed women have are often in poor English and have other sings on being scams. The email address links to the Facebook profile of a man named “Livingston Amenyaglo”  and to a Google+ profile that is full of fake pictures of various women.

Does anyone have any ideas if this is some kind of scam and if Livingston is a real person is? If so, why is his email address being used to contact guys on dating websites?

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  1. She just contacted me on under the username louie1541. I will try to get the picture she is using and send it to you

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