Is Mandy Debille a crazy?

Name: Mandy DeBille
Nickname: Amanda Debille
Location: Bradenton, FL
Email: moc.l1669756598iamg@1669756598ellib1669756598edm1669756598
Phone: 9417403362
Dating Profiles:

Mandy met a guy on Tinder and they talked about sex and hooking up. Then the guy says Mandy started acting strangely. She would message him and then if he didn’t respond right away, tell him she didn’t want to meet him. Then she would keep messaging him and call him names. The guy thought she had mental problems.

Is Mandy a crazy?

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  1. LAIR AND CHEATER! CRAZY AND using a lie of being Gay.. wow…I have the GPS maps showing how often he was at her house. I also had the logs of when he called her from his fb mess. Then she told me he wasn’t there but his jeep was in her drive way, as I found it by GPS. She proceeded to tell me she never meet him and that was the first she even knew his name. She contradicted her self and said she knew him from AA. Then told me that she was doing him a favor to park his jeep in her driveway. Who does that if you don’t know someone? He still says he wasn’t there only his jeep was. He told me he was getting saboxin from her. I have since filed for separation and he is in jail on drug charges. But I simply asked her women to woman for the truth and I would be glad to divorce him if he loved her. She said she didn’t know him like that. She was all over the place with her lies. She couldn’t even keep up with what she said. The Gay lie was the worst. Who does that?? Be upfront and truthful. Also I don’t know for sure but she is in real estate and I think she used a clients home to sleep with my soon to be ex husband. I also had a GPS logs on that day of April 14th 2017.

  2. Can we please take this down. The statements above need to be retracted as all was cleared up

  3. Mandy sells stolen prescription medication to men she meets at AA. She gets them in trouble and makes sure they wind up in jail when they don’t want to sleep with her. She is psychotic and manipulative and the biggest liar, you can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She ruins marriages and people’s lives and she should be institutionalized!!!

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