Is Jillian Russel aka a fake or a player?

Name: Jillian Russell
Location: Murray, Kentucky

So Jillian responded to an ad on Craigslist of a man who was looking for a girlfriend. They exchanged pics and talked for awhile and agreed to meet but then she stopped replying.

Update August 2012: Another guy contacted us and said Jillian had also answered his ad and then she disappeared. He says he recently sent her an email just asking what happened and if she was ok. In the reply we saw from Jillian she acted in a way the guy called “crazy”, cursing and calling him names. He thought that was really strange so he googled her and found her here.

So does anyone know if Jillian Russell is a fake or a player?


3 thoughts on “Is Jillian Russel aka a fake or a player?

  1. She is a real person. I've hung out with her multiple times. Her and I dated for awhile, but she actually is a prostitute. She has sex with older men for large amount of money to pay for her schooling and other purchases in her life. I agree what the stuff that's in this post. She's crazy and will try to play head games with you and to get her pregnant so you have to support her.

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