Is Ashley Madison a Scam?

Is Ashley Madison a scam?

Ashley Madison is a website for people to cheat on their spouses. That is a horrible thing. What is even worse, is that it looks like someone is using the website to scam its members.

According to the man that reported this, the website works like this. You buy credits that cost a few dollars each depending on how many you buy. You then use those credits every time you do something on the website. To send a message is 5 credits (about $3).

This is where the scam comes in. Female profiles on Ashley Madison send out collect messages that use up more of a paying members credits. When the member opens the message it says something like “Want to chat?” They never say anything real or respond to a member’s profile. If the real member replies, the girl never responds again or refers him to the live chat service that requires more credits.

The member that reported this said he was always given generic answers. For example “What is your favorite place to eat in Baltimore?” and she would answer “Mexican, want to live chat?”. Or what do you do for a living. “I work, we should live go on a fantasy date sometime.” The conversation would never get past that and always push a service that costs extra money. Then he realized these women sent him messages without even viewing his profile.

How is it possible to send someone a message without ever going to their profile? It isn’t unless its some kind of scam.

It may be because this is a scam created by the website to use up paying customers credits. Even though he reported several of these fakes, the profiles were never deleted.

So don’t accept collect messages, they are all pretty much a scam to get you to spend more money.

Cheating is bad and you deserve what you get. But it struck us as a bit suspicious that the only one that benefits from this is the Ashley Madison website and we don’t like seeing anyone be scammed.

Our advice, don’t join a website for cheaters. If you do, expect to get cheated.

8 Replies to “Is Ashley Madison a Scam?”

  1. Have you ever been married to a person for 30 years, had kids, been faithful both before and after marriage but never receive any sign of affection at all? Whats more the other person has absolutely no libedo, won't go for walks, out to eat or movie. I can't get this person to even hardly talk to me. This person let their body get really fat. This person won't do anything with free time except sit on a couch play farmville and watch TV? I am a conservative person who has had sex with only one person my entire life. But enough is enough. I don't want to break up the family but I want to find some affection before I am too old to enjoy it. I am not just talking about jumping in the sack either. A walk in the park would be nice for once. Until you have been there don't judge.

  2. Yes, if you join Ashley Madison as a male “member” and buy credits you are essentially throwing away your money. I spent six weeks really looking into this website and, at the end of it all, didn’t get a single response from over 30 “women” contacted. Basically, very few – if any – of the profiles are real. Sure, you receive ‘winks’, and a constant barrage of messages telling you that “KatieSux69” really wants to make contact. But if you believe any of this, you really do deserve what you get. Which is absolutely nothing. However, there will be those idiot males out there (read: desperate) who will keep buying more credits in the hope of bedding some Amazon beauty from Denmark who has (incredibly) found them through AM, despite being on the other side of the world. It’s the same old story: “If it seems too good to be true…” But males are males, and we fall for the same old scam time after time. If you are truly looking for a sexual encounter I promise you that you will NOT find it on Ashley Madison. Head down to the local bar, instead.

  3. Well, buyer beware is operative here. If she looks a little too young or a little too polished, don’t fall for it. Even a very low-priced prostitute is $200. Don’t throw away money for messages to your heart’s desire. I’ve had a chubby girl or two (or perhaps five) that was a far better experience than a prostitute. Off Ashley Madison. Recently and in record time. Match or Zoosk take your money slower, but if you get some, after 2 years, you’re lucky. Just don’t be a rube, and you won’t waste so much money. Women are an expensive hobby, after all. Also, giuve some thought to what you say, from what a woman wants to hear. Flashing your member is not a mature way to catch a sophisticated woman. Save that for later….

  4. total scam. you sign up and search. send a ‘wink” or whatever. you get what I believe is automated reply from AM along the lines of “I have so many messages, please send a more personal reply”. THAT costs you. then NOTHING. Never gotten a reply from like 40 personal messages. how could it be that none of these women reply when it doesnt even cost them. im not brad pitt but im not shrek either…and i contact women about my age-or “sugar babies”- with similar profiles.

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