Is Amanda Duncan aka a fake?

Name: Amanda Duncan aka JB
Location: Morehead, KY
Email: moc.l1685831740iamto1685831740h@80016858317402nafo1685831740iho1685831740

According to reports this is a man in pretending to be women. His website states if you send him money he will send you pics but they are all pics that have been widely available on the internet for a long time.

We did some tracking and believe he lives in Morehead Kentucky. Does anyone have a real pic of this scammer?

JB moc.l1685831740iamto1685831740h@80016858317402nafo1685831740iho1685831740


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  1. I got a message from him also! Never would talk so I could tell if it was really a woman and sent all the same pics.

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