Is AdultFriendFinder a scam?

Is and a scam?


We exposed AshleyMadison years ago. Now AdultFriendFinder and Alt are the new scam dating sites. Friendfinder Networks is a company that runs a number of dating websites including AFF and Alt. The company is known for a data breach where millions of users information was “stolen” by hackers. On many message forums the belief was that because the company was in financial trouble it had intentionally sold its users private information. The company then declared bankruptcy before the users could be reimbursed for their damages.

Now the Friendfinder Network has been sold and runs websites like and They are known for having thousands of females that supposedly paid to be “gold” members.

Only paid members can read or send messages. Scammers in third world countries don’t pay $150-$900 a year to join websites. It has been proven that Adultfriendfinder websites create fake accounts and uses workers paid to send messages to men and lead them on. The men then have to pay for a membership to read and respond.

We received proof from one man that in his first month of membership he received more than 60 messages from women that he had not contacted. Most men do not receive dozens of messages from women in a few weeks on any website.

The fake accounts were all gold members and it is highly unlikely that thousands of scammers paid $30/month or more to become members. These fake accounts often included other contact information like fake phone numbers through the same fake phone number service that FriendFinder Network uses.

If you want to see some legitimate dating sites check out our Dating Site alternatives.

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