Is India Pasley a player?

Name: India Pasley
Other Names: India Marie Pasley
Birthday: December 28, 1989
Email: moc.l1679857659iamg@16798576592yels1679857659ap.ai1679857659dnI1679857659
Phone: 513-301-5423 5133015423

About a year and a half ago someone reported India because she had made a date but didn’t show up. Unfortunately he had met her online and had no contact info for her so we couldn’t post about here.

Another person just reported India this weekend stating that she didn’t show up for a planned meeting. He had her complete details so we are sharing this with you.

Update January 2016:
We received a report from a woman who stated that India had been having sex with her boyfriend and helping him cheat. She provided us with India’s birthday and a link to a website that showed India has stolen cars, has warrants and been evicted

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  1. I had sex with her. She is so ghetto and ignorant has two kids and sent her kids upstairs while we had sex. She lives in gov’t housing and smells really bad down there..guys stay away from this chick..bad news

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