How to spot a fake picture

Fake pictures are pictures that are not of the person that sent them. People send out fake photos to gain your trust. They are usually taken off of the internet, stolen from someone’s Facebook or Myspace profile.

Fake pictures are relatively easy to spot. Here are a few things to consider.

Fake Photo Name
A camera names photos simple names. Things like DPS_1201.jpg. People rename their photos things that make them easy to remember like “AUgame.jpg”.

Most websites like Facebook and Myspace rename pictures when they are uploaded. So on their website the actual file name will be be different than the original picture name.

A pic stolen from the internet has a weird name like 100000032443435_275609_359619_n.jpg
A spammer often renames the photos with a code to help them remember who you are like 10398fp.jpg
Fake Sexy Pics
If someone only sends sexy pics they are fake. What are the first pics we take of ourselves? Normal day to day situations.  At work, hanging out with friends, eating dinner. Standing in the bathroom, taking a pic in the mirror with our cell phone. If they don’t have normal pics they are fake.
Fake Webcam Pics
Webcam pics are normally very bad quality. This makes them easy to edit because you can change them and the quality makes it hard to see where the changes are. A common trick is for a hot chick to hold up a sign she supposedly wrote. Fakes will download a pic like this they found online then  use Photoshop or other graphics programs to write whatever they want on that piece of paper.
Fake Picture Size
Any camera or cell phone made in the last 2 years can take a pretty decent pic. The average file size is about 200kb to 2MB. When someone sends a pic from their computer they are going to be a normal size.
Pics that are tiny and 50kb or less are probably stolen form a website. When someone sends a pic that looks like the thumbnail on a Facebook page, it is because that is probably where they stole it from.
Players Hide Things
If someone only sends you pics of their head, or taken from a weird angle they may be hiding something. If you see a profile that has pics of flowers or pets and nothing else, they are probably hiding something.

A person who is real and self confident is going to send a real pic. A person who only shares pics from the chin up may be to fat or gross to get the rest of their body in the shot.

Do you have any tips on how to spot a fake picture? Leave a comment.

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