Is Heather Szurlinski a player or a fake?

Name: Heather Szurlinski
Location: Kentucky
Email: moc.l1679854562iamg@1679854562esuom1679854562ihsoH1679854562
Heather wrote to the ad of a couple and wanted to trade pics. When they asked about meeting she agreed. They asked to talk to her on the phone to make sure she wasn’t a man and she stopped responding.

Is Heather a player or a fake? 



14 Replies to “Is Heather Szurlinski a player or a fake?”

  1. I think she has a huge nose. Single chicks who play are rare, but they are out there – just find a site like SLS to find them.

  2. It’s nice to know that I have a big nose. ^^ now I can be a witch and report this site.

  3. Sounds like she decided she didn’t want to meet up and stopped responding… So? How is this incriminating, and where is the proof?

  4. It is a review just like on any other website, the difference being instead of reviewing businesses, people review other people. It is up to you to decide whether or not you believe the review.

  5. So you advertise more than likely innocent people on here, displaying their personal information to which and scummy person on your site can find and possibly do things too? You know you guys are liable right?

  6. You even make them have to pay you to get off the website? This girl did not do anything wrong though. Are you guys a scam?

  7. No, we offer several ways to have the review removed that are very free. The only time we charge is if you ask us to do work and act as a mediator. If you work out things with person who review you and they want to remove review we make that free.

  8. So how do you guys know that the person who posted this isn’t just some random person that the victim doesn’t even know? So how are they able to get it removed for free then? Seems unreasonable to me for that not to just be an option. You know that’s basically blackmail right?

  9. Dude, this is seriously screwed up. I know this girl personally and she is too good of a person to have this posted about her. Sounds like this website is for sad losers who don’t know how to treat another human being properly. And you’re shooing off her commenters… by leading them to a page that basically says, “we don’t give a crap about you as a person. We just want your money.” To even do a pointless “mediation” you’re still charging the innocent person. Y’all are messed up by exploiting some poor girl for something she didn’t even do. Please remove yourselves.

  10. And one more thing. What if Heather has no idea who did this? Why should she have to make an agreement with a person she does not know? And I’m pretty sure if she did find out, the person in question can be held accountable for defamation, especially since she is kind of a figure head where I come from.

  11. If Heather makes plans to meet and have sex with so many people that she cannot remember which would report her, that is Heather issue.

    Blackmail when demand money and give not any option. We offer 4 ways to be removed that need no money. Only 1 way needs money is if you want us people to do work for you.

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