Is Gabrielle aka Gracie Hunter a crazy?

Gracie Hunter
Name: Gracie Hunter
Nickname: Gabrielle Nicole and Gracie Renee
Location: Kentucky
Email: moc.l1695430777iamg@169543077718een1695430777ereic1695430777arg1695430777
Phone: 270-302-3218

A man met Gabrielle online. When they met he said she was much larger than her pics and that they were obviously very old.
Update Sept 2015: Another man contacted us and said that he met her on Tinder but she was using the name Gabrielle. He said all her pics looked old or blurry. When he asked for recent pics she got “crazy” and said he was calling her a liar. He provided the pics and more info about her.

We were able to figure out she is using multiple names and in all the recent pics we found of her she was hiding behind her kids so you could not see her body.

Gracie Hunter

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  1. Listen dudes, pay attention to the OBVIOUS warning signals when online dating: no pics, blurry pics, old pics, won’t send pics (for 100’s of lame ass reasons) – the chick is either a) married or has a b/f and is lonely and seeking attention with no intention of ever meeting you, b) fat and or uglier than she portrays, or c) just a psycho who likes to play games and manipulate men. Don’t waste your time on any chick who does this.

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