Is Gabreille Niffenegger a cheater?

Name: Gabreille Niffenegger
Other Names: Gabreille Hunter, Gabreille Hunter Niffenegger
Description: 5′ 0 and 34DD
Email: moc.l1670555815iamg@1670555815nelli1670555815erbag1670555815
Phone: 513-509-6944
Dating Profiles:
A man met Gabrielle on and adult sex website. They messages show they talked and Gabrielle sent him dirty pics so they made plans to meet for sex. He also had nude pictures of her.
He says when Gabrielle showed up she didn’t look like her pictures. He said her pictures are always from strange angles and she looked much older. He says they had sex anyway and it was decent so they met a few more times. Gabrielle was married but soon he found out she was meeting other men also so he stopped seeing her.
Gabrielle Niffenegger
Gabrielle Niffenegger
Gabrielle Niffenegger

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