FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
We are located outside US and Europe where their laws not effect us
Will you find someone for me and tell me what you found but not post it?
Yes we will, check out our People Finder Service
Why do you only accept Bitcoins for payment?
  • Bitcoins can be sent by anyone
  • They are anonymous for the sender (you don’t have to give any name or credit card info to send)
  • They are anonymous for the receiver (we don’t have to give any name or credit card info to get paid)
  • They can be taken anywhere in the world without exchange fees
  • Bitcoin transfers normal time less than an hour
  • Bitcoin not be taken back or canceled
How do I find out who reviewed me?
We do not share that information


How do I review someone?
Follow instructions here
What proof do I need?
Screenshots, voicemails, text messages, pictures, dates, times.
Make sure screenshots of emails show the email address they were sent from.
Make sure screenshots of text messages show their entire phone number
Copying and pasting a message is not enough.
Will you keep the information I give you anonymous?
In more than 10 years of this website we have never shared reviewers identity. We not in USA or Europe so no court can make us.
Why should I believe the reviews?
That is for you to decide. We do some basic filter some reviews and ask for basic proof. As with any review website it is up to the person reading the review to judge whether or not to believe the reviews others share here.


Will you help me contact the person who reviewed me?
We do not give out information on reviewers. If you want our help to contact them you must use our mediation service. See the removals page for details.
How do I get a post removed or deleted?
Go to our Removal page and follow instructions exactly.
Those are the only options.
If I tell you a sad story or explain why I lied/cheated/played games will you remove me?
We do not care about stories. Many people are on here because the lie and make up stories. The only way to be removed is to follow the instructions on the removal page
I think I know who reviewed me. I tried to apologize so they would take it down and they never responded. What should I do?
It is not surprising that someone you lied, cheated on or played games with doesn’t want to talk to you. Leave comment on your review explaining your thoughts and asking them to contact you.
I am going to report you and cause trouble unless you remove me immediately.
Please keep in mind to people in the past who have reported us instead of admitting they were wrong and making up for it. Like Cassie Mauermann. She lied about what she did, made threats and tried to get us in trouble. The people who reviewed her decided to defend us and post her nude photos on many websites.
What if I do not want to use your removal options?
You will not be removed. In ten years the only people who have been removed followed the instructions on removal page


I sent you an email, when will you respond?
We get many emails and still have many to read. We respond to messages that follow instructions first. People making excuses about why they do bad things get last.
Where are you located? How do I know it will be anonymous?
We live in Asia and our website is hosted far outside USA and Europe so courts cannot rule us. Our web servers are anonymous and paid for with bitcoin so there is no way to track things back to us or you.
I am going to sue you, how can my lawyer reach you?
We will not talk to extra people like lawyers, friends or others.
Read this before wasting you money http://www.karmasiren.com/lawyers-make-us-laugh/

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