Is Erica Matzko or Erica Massmann a player?

Name: Erica Massman
Other Names: Erica Kristen Massmann, Erica Matzko, Emily and M.E.
Description: tall dark hair and overweight
Email: moc.l1695435333iamg@1695435333meyda1695435333lgody1695435333zarc1695435333 and moc.l1695435333iamg@169543533301em.1695435333semit1695435333nuf1695435333 and moc.l1695435333iamg@1695435333em.00169543533311ekm1695435333
Number: 859-992-6753 and 859-816-3825

According to reports Erica answered a guy’s personal ad and even sent him pics of herself naked. Erica made a few dates with him but didn’t show up for any of them. Yeah, that happens all the time here is the funny part. She made the excuse that a friend had died and she was having a really rough time and she would call him but she never did. The guy had two personal ads up and a week or two later Erica answered the other one using a different email address. She didn’t realize it was the same guy and when he asked her why she never called, again she stopped responding.

Update: Another reader met Erica on a very popular dating website. He reports having a similar experience and says they corresponded some and then she just stopped responding. He also thought that Erica was a false name.

Update: Another man has contacted us and said he has also talked to Erica. He says after they had talked awhile she sent him the nude pic we added to the album below and they made plans to go on a date. She didn’t show up or call. A few days later she sent him an email and she said the reason she didn’t show is she had to babysit for her sister. They made another date which she also didn’t show up for.

Updated: Someone Erica knows contacted us and reported that she is known for doing this sort of thing. That she leads guys on then gets bored or finds an excuse and ditches people all the time. He also provided more pictures of her and gave us her full name.

Update February 2019: We received another message from someone who proved they know Erica and she is going by the name Erica Matzko now but she is still lying to men and trying to play games with them.

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15 Replies to “Is Erica Matzko or Erica Massmann a player?”

  1. I saw your post and know here. She did the same thing to me, told me the same stories all of that.

  2. I am real just not too happy about having my personal photos & full name. I am also not happy about all these false stories. I can't help it that I wasn't interested in these guys after emailing with them. Please remove me from this site or at least my full name & pics.

  3. All of these stories came from the same crazy guy that I emailed with for awhile almost a year ago. My friend did die & I don't appreciate personal photos being on here. I told the guy in question that I wasn't interested & he wouldn't let it go.

  4. In one comment you said you had talked to "these guys" and then in another you said it was all one guy. Maybe hard to keep your story straight?

    We have emails and pictures from two different men months apart. Do you always send nude pictures to men you aren't interested in?

    If you want your name off the list you must contact us directly.

  5. All of your updates are inaccurate descriptions of email conversations with the same guy. We first came into contact when I answered his personal ad. We emailed back & forth & set a time & I had to cancel to babysit for my sister because her regular sitter bailed. When we were trying to reschedule my friend died. I honestly forgot about this guy. Then months later I had signed up for & quickly deleted a free profile on a popular dating site. This guy tried to contact me there but since I was a free member I couldn't see it. In the mean time he posted a craigslist ad with my picture asking for information about me & when I contacted him to ask him why he did he said he didn't believe Erica was my real name & he was trying to find me because he thought we had a real connection. I told him I didn't appreciate him posting my pics on the internet & thought that was it. A few more months go by & he emails me again asking why I never called & I just said because after all of these months I thought it was implied that I'm not interested. He wouldn't drop it so I quit replying & that was about the time I was posted on your site & the supposed person that knows me just found my Facebook acct & old okcupid accts. How do you tell a legit obsessed person you're not interested? In the land of online dating its filled with creeps & crazies & why I've decided to give up on meeting people online.

  6. Hi,
    In regards to the changing from these guys to 1 guy it was a later post after I had been thinking about it. I don't always send nude pics unless I've seen the guy nude then I think fair is fair. I run a business and it is damaging to have my full name & nude pics online. How do I contact you directly? Everything I've tried keeps taking me in circles. I can promise you no guys will ever get messages from me ever again.

  7. Holy shit! I can't believe I came across this forum! Lmao…. Ok, ok…. To all the men, or one man how ever it is, that posted about talking too but not meeting Erica let me clear things up… First off, YES Erica is a player. I have talked to her recently and she seems to have settled down now, but then again she is a good liar and player, one of the best I have met. I also made two post on CL and she replied to both of them. One was a nice clean post. Which age replied to with clean pics. The other was just a pic of a huge cock. She replied to it and sent the same boob pic you have here and a few others. I didn't notice it was the same woman till after we met and fucked. Which happened the first night. And everytime we met after that. We kinda dated but it was more of fwb's thing. So let me say, yes she is real, yes she is a player, yes she is suoer sexy and great in bed, but worst of all she is if was a hoe. I once decided to surprise her at home when she said she was sick. When I drove up she was kissing a guy goodbye as she would after fucking me… That was a sign… She has pics alk over the web! I think I still have mass of her naked pics.
    P.s. Lil known fact. She still has her baby blanket and sleeos with it nightly.

  8. WOW! Like the last poster said, Erica is real! I use to fuck her and had to break it off because she is constantly lurking online for a new cock to suck, and fuck. She has a fascination with being dominated by black men and meeting random strangers from craigslist, aff, pof, etc and sucking them off in let them blow on her face and leave. She is a beautiful girl, great in bed but she is a ho. No telling how many guys she's been with or what diseases she could have. She does own her own business and drove a little blue car last I knew. She's also ape shit about animals! Her house is a zoo!

  9. Ok now this is getting ridiculous. Love how all the comments are anonymous except for mine. I had a period of promiscuity, not anywhere to the degree that these posts are implying, but that is over & I'm trying to move forward with my life. I do not have any diseases, nor did I ever, I was recently tested. What I don't understand is why do you guys feel the need to slander me? Why not just move on like I am?

  10. Poor Erica…. Sad part is everything that has been said here is very TRUE! I will say, she is very good in bed, and is very open to new men, and random guys. I have found her multiple times on CL and other sites. Also, replied to one of her ads from two different email addresses, with different pics of nicely endowed black men. She fell for it right away, and was trying to set things up so the first guy was gone by seven (she had plans) and the other was supposed to show up at 8:00-8:30. Little did she know it was me. So, yeah…. She is a super hoe, but man was she a good fuck!

  11. You guys are disgusting. She doesn't like you and doesn't want to have sex with you. Is your penis so infinitely small and ego so fragile you just can't move on with your lives? She's a gorgeous girl and she's smart not to be with any of you.

  12. After reading all the comments, I’m just SMH. These girls are a dime a dozen on sites like POF and it’s about time there was a site like this where we can out them. Funny, how they always deny things and then follow-up with how they’ve changed their lives. Riiiiiiiiight…..

  13. She is going by the name Erica Matzko. I never hooked up with her because I caught her right away lying and trying to play me. She is still crazy though and has like a dozen animals in her house and it stinks. You know when you see a woman with little dogs that they are nuts and she is the proof of that

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