Is Emily Winters a player or a cheater?

Name: Emily Winters
Description: dark hair, 5’9
Birthday: 1978
Location: Ft Thomas, KY USA and Hillsboro OH
Email: moc.o1685824035ohay@1685824035setyb1685824035auhau1685824035hihc1685824035
Screen Names: OzoneBlue on AshleyMadison and PlentyofFish, Looking4kismet on OKCupid, OzoneBleu on

A guy met this woman on and talked to her for awhile. They made plans to go out on a date but the woman didn’t show up. A few months later she sent him a like or something OkCupid. Again they talked for awhile and from the copies of their conversations it was obvious she didn’t remember who he was. Again they made plans to meet but he no longer had her number so when he asked for it again she stopped responding.

Update September 2013: A man contacted us with a similar story. According to the emails we saw he met her on quite some time before seeing this and that she had a boyfriend she was wanting to cheat on. She also liked to dominate men. He provided us with what she claimed her name to be and her email address at the time. He had additional photos we added to the album below.

Update December 2016: Another man contacted us after corresponding with Emily through He says they made plans to meet but shortly before they were supposed to meet she stopped responding. He sent us the additional pictures we added below.

Update October 2017:
One of the original reviewers saw Emily Winters on another dating site and sent us recent pictures showing she had gained a lot of weight.

So do you think Emily is a player or a cheater?

Newer pics 2017

7 Replies to “Is Emily Winters a player or a cheater?”

  1. I know her. She did pretty much the same thing to me accept I met her on AshleyMadison when she was trying to cheat on her boyfriend. I want to send you the stuff I have whats your email

  2. I don't appreciate someone spreading nefarious comments about me…and slandering me! FYI- I've been single for three years, and the initial supposed person saying things about me stood me up numerous times…and I called him out on his fake identity. Check your facts!

  3. If the person stood you up please contact directly with the proof of that. The emails, texts and screenshots we saw all supported the report we posted

  4. The ones on POF are the worst. She’s just one of thousands of bitches that do that kinda stuff – until they get caught. Then, of course, they deny it. If all women on POF (and other sites) knew they might end up on Karma, they might think twice about messing with men’s minds.

  5. For your information…I don’t mess with anyone’s head! If I’m not interested in someone’s profile…I ignore them—that is my right. Only small minded losers would go to the extent you did…to slander a person’s name. And POF is full of men who are liars and scammers…I’ve encountered quite a few. You are most assuredly one of those fake men. You should be ashamed of your behavior, and making nasty comments about how I look now. WTF?

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