Is Emily Ingram a cheater?

Name: Emily Ingram
Other Names: Stephanie
Physical Description: 5’2, 125lbs, size 4 , 32F bra, size 6 1/2 foot
Location: Cincinnati Ohio USA
Email: moc.o1685484027ohay@1685484027tesnu1685484027s_syl1685484027ime1685484027 
Phone: 513-601-3012

Review: Emily was cheating on me. I found out she used the name Stephanie and was trying to meet men online to have an affair. There is one guy she did cheat with but I can’t prove it. I left her but now she is making up stories and telling people lies about me.

Review #2: I met Emily on OKCupid. At first I wasn’t interested but she persisted and told me that she wouldn’t play games and was really sincere about looking for the same things I was. We exchanged numbers and talked a lot. Made plans to meet and she never showed up just ghosted. She had told me her ex was dangerous so I thought something bad had happened to her. I started looking for news about her and found your website. I tried reaching out to her but she never responded. Then I saw her comment on here and I knew she didn’t care. I shared bits of my life with her. All the stuff we talked about was a game for her. I don’t know if the stuff about her ex is true but I know she lied and played me.


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12 Replies to “Is Emily Ingram a cheater?”

  1. I think she played me to. Hasn’t responded to my messages. If it doesn’t work out in the next week or so I got more for you

  2. I am going to see if she makes things right with me before I say anything else. I want to hear her side and give her a chance before I decide.

  3. We met on OKCupid and I believed her stories. I hadn’t decided if I was going to share what she did to me because I felt bad for her. Now I see her laughing about how she lied to me and I know she was playing games with me. I will send you everything I know about her.

  4. She is telling people that all this is made up. You made me send you screenshots of her texts talking about the kind of sex she is into and making plants to meet me for sex. Will post those so other people know this is true?

  5. She is on Bumble now using the fake name Marley. I sent you the pics of her texts where she talks about the dirty sex she likes. When are you going to post those?

  6. We not post screenshots because it give away who you are. If you certain you like we post them email us from same email you report her from so we know it is you

  7. OK now the crazy hubby is threatening me because Emily lied to him and told him that I came to her work and posted all this stuff on your website. I didn’t even know about your website. The guy is psycho and told me he just got out of prison. Will you please tell him I had nothing to do with this so he knows she is lying and leaves me alone

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