Is Elizabeth Qualizza a cheater or a player?

Name: Elizabeth Qualizza
Location: Chicago, IL USA
Phone: 847-863-8127
Dating Profiles:

 A guy met her on Tinder and they made plans to meet several times but she kept canceling. She wanted him to get a hotel or come to him but he could never come to her place. She told him that she still lived with her ex. Then one day they were on the phone and she said she suddenly had to go. He heard a man’s voice in the background and she hung up. He never heard from her again.

Is Elizabeth a cheater or a player?


7 thoughts on “Is Elizabeth Qualizza a cheater or a player?

  1. Many would think that because it was many more texts and phone calls than one that you are lying. They would also think that because you sent him nude photos he wasn't that much of a loser. If you would like us to post the nude pic to prove what he said is true, please contact us directly.

  2. How pathetic. I meet some loser on Tinder that I don't want to go out with and he makes up some crazy story about me and posts it here after a single phone conversation. Wow! What a loser. What a genius I am for not wasting time on such a low life who obviously cannot get a date.
    Get a life.

  3. She is nothing but a liar and uses people for anything she can. Pill popping , wack job.. she will lie right to your face . Plus she been with half of Chicago . Very sneaky
    [parts of comment removed for TOS]

  4. Conniving, lying, whore. Uses sex to get trips, money, and whatever she can get her hands on. So I’d say yes, hooker.

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