Is Devin Mort a player?

Name: Devin Mort
Other Names: Devin Charlotte
Location: Detroit Michigan USA
Email: moc.l1685481460iamg@16854814607212t1685481460romd1685481460
Phone: 248-840-7947

Devin met a man online. They messages show they talked about meeting to have sex and exchanged numbers. They talked a few more times and agreed to meet for sex but when time came to meet Devin stopped responding and didn’t answer the man’s calls.

3 Replies to “Is Devin Mort a player?”

  1. Dated her a few years back. She was a sweetheart. Obviously she just wasn’t interested? This is stupid.

  2. If she chats a guy up and promises to met for sex that makes her a slut and if she lies and don’t show that makes her a player

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