Is Debbie Slone a player?

Name: Debbie Slone
Other Names:
Birthday: 1971
Physical Description: Overweight
Location: Erlanger Kentucky USA
Email: deb.
Phone: 859-409-6931
Dating Profiles:
Other Links:

I met Debbie on Tinder and she told me she was into BDSM and that she loved to be choked and give oral sex. We agreed to meet at her place. She lives on Lori Dr and her apt is full of frogs. We had sex and it was ok. She lied about how much she weighed but I like big butts so I didn’t care. We had sex and she told me that she loved it. We agreed to meet again and then I drove over there but she didn’t answer the door. I never heard from her again. Later found out she told a friend I had made it all up. She is a liar don’t trust her.

Do you think Lori Slone is a liar or a player?

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