Is Davina Eccard a cheater or a player?

Name: Davina Eccard
Other Names:
Description: 5’10, dark hair, 34D
Email: moc.l1695429566iamg@1695429566dracc1695429566e.ani1695429566vad1695429566
Phone: 513-981-1387
Dating Profiles:
Davina met a man online. In the messages we saw Davina told him what kind of sex she liked and that she was really into guns. Every time the man asked her out she would disappear and then later respond with an excuse. Finally they agreed to meet but shortly before she stopped responding to his messages. He thinks she may have been with someone and cheating on them.
Is Davina a cheater or a player?



3 Replies to “Is Davina Eccard a cheater or a player?”

  1. Hi, just want to say that I rented an apartment from Davina Eccard and she was a horrible landlord that stole our deposit ($1,700). Anytime we needed something fixed, she constantly lied and made wild excuses to delay things. We heard rumors of her personal life that lined up with all the above…Not someone to be trusted.

  2. I have been running into her on dating sites for years and had the same experience with her. I don’t think she is playing people or cheating though. Think she is just flakey and doesn’t think about how she treats others. She isn’t intentionally leading people on, got the impression she is to self centered to realize how other people feel. Like she doesn’t call when she says she will or keep a date you have planned because she is more important than other people are and she doesn’t have to be bothered with them if she doesn’t want to be

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