Is Danisha Magruder a player or cheater?

Name: Danisha Magruder

According to the email we received, Danisha met a man online. She then went out on a few dates with him and sent him nude photos. When he responded to the nudes she said she had a boyfriend but was looking physical because he wasn’t satisfying her and wanted to find a sugar daddy on the side.

Update: Another guy wrote us and claims that he had met Danisha after she had sent him some dirty pics. They went out on a date and halfway through the date she explained that she had to be compensated for her time and that she was very good in bed and expected to be well paid for that. He also had new pics which we have included in the album below.

Danisha Magruder



One thought on “Is Danisha Magruder a player or cheater?

  1. I met Danish about 10 no. Ago. We went out on a date and talked and texted ALOT! She was in a relationship with her child's father. She wanted to have a sexual relationship but because of our schedule we never had the time. I quit talking to her because she seemed confused if she would ever leave the boyfriend. She told me she wanted to have a child with me. She works at Biggs as a cake decorator. Don't know if she still does. I don't have her pics anymore.

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