Is Danielle Drahman aka moc.l1685829044iamg@1685829044namha1685829044rDD1685829044 a player?

Danielle Drahman aka moc.l1685829044iamg@1685829044namha1685829044rDD1685829044

Name: Danielle Drahman
Email: moc.l1685829044iamg@1685829044namha1685829044rDD1685829044
Phone: 513-XXX-6108

Danielle wrote a guy and after talking for awhile told him about how submissive she is and what she loved to do sexually. They made plans to meet but she never showed up and never called him back.

Do you think Danielle is a player? Does anyone else know anything about her?


Danielle Drahman aka moc.l1685829044iamg@1685829044namha1685829044rDD1685829044


14 Replies to “Is Danielle Drahman aka moc.l1685829044iamg@1685829044namha1685829044rDD1685829044 a player?”

  1. I dont believe danielle is a player. I myself have talked to her and this seems like something her ex may have posted. The problem with this site is there is no siphoning of the b.s. Its all hearsay, until facts are given. This could very well be true, but there is also an overwhelming chance it is not. Don't judge until all the facts are clear. Innocent until proven guilty.

  2. We merely post what we see based on the emails forwarded to us. We have emails from someone at that email address, sending those pics, talking about sex and more.

    It is up to you whether to believe that or not

  3. I happen to be this Danielle person so hello! The guy I talked to about it must not have showed you every e-mail that went back and forth. However, I am not that immature to put his information out there or discuss the full conversation. Whoever the anonymous person is that left the first comment, I thank you.

  4. While I appreciate the permission to post something where you all would post damn near anything, I will decline. I will, however, ask that you take my pictures and information off of this site.

  5. I really appreciate what you have said and I agree. The guy was very upset that I wasn't interested in him and I guess couldn't help but to think this is revenge. Clearly there are people that don't think I'm this horrible person yet the people on this site want to keep my info on here because they can. I've asked to have it taken down but still it remains and because I don't want to send emails to embarrass him, I look like the piece of shit. One hell of a site you have

  6. The anonymous poster above was person pretending not to know Danielle. We use internet tracking and find out so we delete it.

    Danielle, we see emails you tell man what you want about sex. We see emails where you send him pics and tell him you want to meet and have sex.

    Then you not do that and you not respond to him. Now you pretend to have proof which you not use that he a liar?

  7. I don't think she has any proof. I think she has screwed with so many guys that she can't even figure out which one reported her

  8. Danielle is not only a player, but unstable mentally also. I talked to Danielle for about a year. After many hookups I broke it off and she threatened me and told me one of her friends was in the Army and she was going to have him come to my house and shoot me. I didn't realize Danielle had been arrested before and had been admitted several times to psychiatric hospitals. I would advise you strongly to STAY AWAY.

  9. Because this is childish. This website is childish. I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I know who I am and the people in my life accept me for that person. I'm not ashamed of anything I've done. I'm engaged to the best man in the world! I'm finally happy with my relationship and my life. If you think I screwed you over, maybe you should tell me not a website. But hey that just goes to show you how childish all of this is and how childish guys I have previously talked to are. Have fun saying all of this stuff about me. If you ever run out of shit to talk, let me know and I'll provide you with more

  10. It's pretty funny how my last two posts haven't went up. This website is to show the truth but when I completely destroy all these comments, my comment doesn't get posted. Haha. Whoever runs this is probably a little pathetic piece of shit. Wouldn't surprise me if you lived with your mom like all these other fuckheads that wanna talk shit about me. Are you reading this thinking you're not gonna post this comment either? That's adorable. You have that power. Congratulations dumbass you can do one thing in your life

  11. Your comments did not go up because we are in Thailand and internet is not free like in America. We do not charge money so we cannot always get online.

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