Is Danielle Chapman an escort or a player?

Danielle Chapman blue flannel shirt

Name: Danielle Chapman
Other Names: danieinky on snapchat
Location: Miami Florida and New York USA
Email: moc.l1685831810iamg@16858318103211n1685831810ampah1685831810cd1685831810 
Phone: 859-457-5716

Danielle met a guy on Tinder. She sent him dirty pics and they made plans to meet for sex at a hotel she was staying at. Before she gave him the room number she stopped responding to messages

Update November 2015: We have received proof that Danielle had been talking to another man on Tinder. They talked about meeting for sex when Danielle was in town for her job as a flight attendant. Danielle explained she expected to be paid for that.

Update April 2019: We received a review from another man stating that he talked to Danielle online and she agreed to meet him but never showed up.

Is Danielle Chapman an escort or a player? Leave your comment below.

12 Replies to “Is Danielle Chapman an escort or a player?”

  1. I talked to Daniel and she sent me pics of her nude. She was coming to town and we were going to meet at her hotel until she told me she expected to be paid and given gifts for it.

  2. Why don’t you ask Danielle for her side of the story? Because that’s not what this site is about. It’s about shaming people. Believe what you want, but there are 3 sides to every story. And seriously, the examples above… it’s ok to agree to meet, then get pissed when it was canceled. Mad because it was a booty call gone bad. Hasn’t everyone experienced that?

  3. There are screenshots of Danielle Chapman telling her story. In messages she tell man that if he want to meet and have sex she needed him to pay her bills.

  4. [comment edited to remove information not about person in review] Danielle decided to not go thru with the meeting. Shows moral character. So if Danielle didn’t actually do anything, why shame her?

  5. This is Danielle. I apologize for deciding not to meet these men. I didn’t mean to seem like it was a game to me, as it was not. Clearly, I have had a chance to “learn my lesson” because this post has been up for 5 years. I have contacted the site multiple times to have it removed. So I’m not sure public slut shaming, or in this case lack of slutting, deserve a 5 year sentence. Again, I’ve learned my lesson. I have also been stood up, etc. So effectively, I make sure to communicate, not treat others how I did before. I’m asking sincerely to remove this post. I’m also sorry that I refuse to publicly humiliate another person in order to have my image spared further.

  6. I have publicly apologized. I want this post to be taken down. You do not own the rights to these photos. And neither do any of the participants in this post. I’m politely and publicly asking for the post to be removed.

  7. Met Danielle out with my boyfriend – the next day I found out she provided sexual favors to him. Thankfully no money was exchanged, but interesting character that a person would be intimate with another girl’s boyfriend the day after meeting the girlfriend……..

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