Is Danielle Chapman an escort or a player?

Danielle Chapman blue flannel shirt

Name: Danielle Chapman
Other Names: danieinky on snapchat
Location: Miami Florida and New York USA
Phone: 859-457-5716
Dating Profiles:

Danielle met a guy on Tinder. She sent him dirty pics and they made plans to meet for sex at a hotel she was staying at. Before she gave him the room number she stopped responding to messages

Update November 2015: We have received proof that Danielle had been talking to another man on Tinder. They talked about meeting for sex when Danielle was in town for her job as a flight attendant. Danielle explained she expected to be paid for that.

Update April 2019: We received a review from another man stating that he talked to Danielle online and she agreed to meet him but never showed up.

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  1. I talked to Daniel and she sent me pics of her nude. She was coming to town and we were going to meet at her hotel until she told me she expected to be paid and given gifts for it.

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