Is Danielle Arnot a player?

Name:  Danielle Reynolds Arnot
Description: 5’8 155 38C, black hair and green eyes
Email: moc.l1685483291iamg@168548329155ael1685483291ellei1685483291nad1685483291
Phone: 740-438-2783

Danielle met a guy on Tinder. They flirted, exchanged pics and talked about hooking up. Danielle said she wasn’t looking for a relationship, just a booty call. When they made plans to meet she didn’t show up and didn’t answer anymore of his calls.

2 Replies to “Is Danielle Arnot a player?”

  1. After seeing this I had to speak up on behalf of Danielle. Wonderful, strong and Beautiful woman! Most likely things didnt add up and she probably didnt want to get caught up with a weirdo……and since the result ended up with a slanderous post, then we realize quite right that she was saved by missing out on a meeting with this “strange…r” Surprised to see someone post something so anonymously and hide behind the dark shadows of the internet. If the one person who posted this is kind enough to acknowledge who they are, then let us get some closure…..not a post online without much accountability.

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