Is Crystal Welsh from San Francisco a player?

 Name: Crystal Welsh
Location: Sunnyvale California USA San Jose California
Email: moc.l1695435520iamg@16954355203811h1695435520slew1695435520
Phone: 408-830-7656
Dating Profiles:
Crystal met a man online. In the messages we saw she made a big deal out of being honest and trustworthy. They agreed to meet but she didn’t show up for their date. After she left him waiting at the restaurant she didn’t return any of his calls or texts.
Update August 2015:
A different man contacted us and said that he had met Crystal on a dating website. The messages we saw Crystal also complained about men and how badly they treated her. Unfortunately he didn’t know the truth about her past.
They made plans to meet for dinner and she never showed up. The next day she contacted him and apologized. Crystal blamed her boss and claimed to be looking for a new job because her boss was ruining her life. The man felt bad and rearranged his plans to see her. Again she didn’t show up without even calling. He later found her on here.
Update September 2015:
Another man has contacted us and stated he also had issues with Crystal Welsh. He replied that she would often break dates with little or no notice and then make the same excuses. He stated after this happening more than once he decided not to date Crystal.
Update March 2019:
Another man contacted showing that he had met Crystal Welsh online and had similar issues with her making plans and canceling before she ghosted completely. He said he thinks she lives in San Jose California now

Update Sept 2022: Another man contacted us asking about Crystal Welsh. He said he had seen the reviews posted here and was in a relationship with her. He said that he wished he had taken the reviews more seriously because they were correct about her and the relationship ended badly. If he replies with more details this will be updated.


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  1. Hi. This is Crystal. I've never stood a guy up. Ever. Also, I never never ever ever make dinner dates as first date. Ever. I do fun things like ball games or laser tag.

    And the second guy I remember. He was creepy. We never made plans for dinner. The only address he gave me was his hotel address. That's clearly not a restaurant sui u Cleary didn't show up. I really didn't feel like being murdered. I used the boss excuse because I was nice enough to not call gin a creep to his face and wanted to save his dignity. Then he goes and complains to you guys.

    Wow. I don't even know anyone with a vagina who would post crap like this just because a girl wasn't into them.

    Oh and by the way, as for the first guy, like I said I never stand anyone up. Ever. And I never do dinner. Ever. and I never agreed to a date because that's when my grandpa died. I couldn't date anyone. I was in another state at a funeral.

    That's a good reason for not mashing date plans, right?

    These men have vaginas. Glad I didn't date them

  2. You be confused about which of men you lied to tell us. Man you say is creep give us proof you make date 3 times at real places. You not go and then offer to make it up to him. Before we post we ask for proof. He provide text message and email with you info and you talking dirty and agreeing to dates.

    If you want to be removed click the removal link at the top of the page. Best way to get off list is to stop saying lies and excuses, get guy on list to forgive you.

  3. I am the guy she claims lied. I was in SFO for a week and I told Crystal that from the start. We had several conversations about how she enjoyed BDSM and pleasing a man orally. We made plans to meet for lunch and she canceled. We made plans to go sightseeing and she canceled. She offered to make it up to me which is when I gave her the info for my hotel room and she agreed to come.

    I have sent screenshots to this website of my texts that clearly show it was her phone number. Crystal if you keep lying I will post the other things I know about you.

  4. By the way, Crystal does a lot of hooting and hollering about jobs but according to her LinkedIn profile, she doesn't have one — part time or otherwise. It seems she was a nanny or something but that's ancient history. This begs the question of how, exactly, is she supporting herself? Since she's unlikely to tell the truth, I guess we'll have to draw our own conclusions …

  5. We do not allow comments that are threatening, racist, or meant to personally attack someone without adding usable information. Comments like that will be deleted.

  6. [comment removed because it included no new information and the commenter did not know Crystal Welsh]

  7. I understand my line of work is in question, just for clarification, here is my LinkedIn information:

    I hope that satisfies the people who wish to “draw their own conclusions” about how I support myself.

    I really am not a bad person. I just was no longer interested in that particular man and I am not obligated to him, or anyone, just as you have the right to decide to not date a woman for your own reasons. Now I have to fear that every man I turn away just because I felt they weren’t a match or they frightened me in some way, will drown me in a backlash of public humiliation. This saddens and hurts me. If you only knew me, as others do, you’ll will come to find that I am a good person with a huge heart- I’ve been known to give away my last dollar to help someone who needs it more.

    To the people who own this site, I welcome you to get to know me so that you will see for yourself that I am not what this man claims. Please consider it, you have my email.

    [Parts of this comment were removed because Crystal Welsh was other people]

  8. People can put many things in Linkedin profile. Does not mean they are true.

    We not allow comments about other people or threats. This page for Crystal Welsh only. If you want to talk on other people send report to us and we may post them.

  9. I am the second guy she blew off and the one she keeps threatening. We did make plans for dinner and a date to do something fun but she kept breaking them. She told me she would make it up to me but it had to be late because of her crazy boss. That is when I invited her to my hotel and she agreed but never showed up. I texted her several times and she never responded. I fell for her good person act and thought something bad may have happened so I googled her to make sure she wasn’t in an accident or something. That is when I found this website. I still have screenshots of those texts in my email because this website required me to send them proof of what I said.

    No one forced Crystal to accept my invitations for dates or to come to my hotel. All she had to do was respond and say she had changed her mind or wasn’t interested. She never once apologized, didn’t respond at all. Crystal likes to make up lies about what happened. I know what she did to me and have the proof. Sounds like she did the same to others. Good people don’t lie, ghost and play games.

  10. By the way, I can tell you for a fact that she’s a hooker. My best friend was one of her clients. And she will doing absolutely ANYTHING for the right price, let me tell you. [content edited] Too bad that gold digger went back to Arizona with her tail between her legs. She was worth every penny.

  11. One other thing: my friend said she had hoped to marry a rich man when she came to Silicon Valley. However, between prostituting and trying to find legitimate work, she wasn’t having any luck. She wasn’t able to juggle her ‘professional’ life with the appearance of being a clean-cut, respectable woman somebody would actually want to marry. She told my friend that if it didn’t work out, she’d probably go into porn.

  12. Also, Karma Siren, it’s not like it’s some big mystery. There are literally THOUSANDS of women just like her. In Silicon Valley they even have a moniker for these gold diggers: Founder Hounder. Founder Hounders are women that specifically seek out the founders of successful startups that hit it big. Founder Hounders like Crystal fantasize about basking in the reflective glow of these guys. It’s all quite transparent. Founders typically treat them like groupies, promising to marry them only to dump them after they got laid. If this was the case with Crystal, I’d say she got hoisted by her own petard..

  13. It wasn’t that she owed me anything or I thought she was some big whore. It was just that she was always lying and played games. Then when I found out about this website and called her on it she threatened me like it was my fault. I think she is one of those hot girls that are used to doing whatever they want and don’t care about how the treat people.

  14. Whether or not she is “Hot” is debatable. She’s got big knockers, but her face is a minus. I’d say she qualifies as a “butterface,” meaning everything about her looks good ‘but her face.’

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