Is Cristina Leyva from El Paso a player?

Name: Cristina Leyva
Other Names: librainelpaso
Location: El Paso TX
Dating Profiles:

Cristina met a guy on Tinder and they talked about kinky sex that she was into. When it came time to meet she kept breaking dates.

Then the guy found out a friend met Cristina on and made a date with her but she didn’t show up for that date or even call his friend to let him know she wasn’t coming

6 Replies to “Is Cristina Leyva from El Paso a player?”

  1. This is Cristina Leyva and I find this absolutely hilarious. I think some guy was offended that I didn’t want to go out w him. Thanks for slandering my name though. Which coincidently is illegal.

  2. We didn’t slander your name. Someone posted a review and had personal information and proof that supported their review. If you feel they slandered you, take it to your American court where people can see the proof about how you really are and decide for their own.

  3. Please stay away, she is a serial dater on multiple dating sites and apps.
    This woman does not need a boyfriend, she needs professional psychological help.

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