Is Cecilia a player or a crazy?

Name: Cecilia
Other Names:
Physical Description: dark hair 5’4″ thin
Location: Phoenix Arizona USA
Phone: 480-818-4131
According to the messages we saw Cecilia met a man on Tinder. He said the first thing he noticed was that some of the pics looked and and since then she had a lot of bad plastic surgery.  Cecilia told him she was married but her husband could not sexually satisfy her and she was allowed to sleep with other men. That she just wanted hookups so he decided the plastic surgery didn’t matter. They made plans to meet for sex but Cecilia never came. The phone number she gave him is from an online service often used by scammers.
Do you think Cecilia is a scammer or a player? Leave your comments below.

3 Replies to “Is Cecilia a player or a crazy?”

  1. She is on Tinder and gave me the same number. When I saw your website I asked if it was her real number and she lied to me several times. When I called her out for lying she said that it was ok to lie to people because they didn’t matter and she was more important. I should have known that anyone who would do that to their face has mental problems

  2. She is also on OKCupid same pics and says her name is Cat and married to a guy named Joe. After about a week of messages I sent her a message about meeting and she just flipped out. Like she was tweaking on drugs or something.

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