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Is Lauren Harman a Crazy?

Name: Lauren Harman Other Names: Lauren Honig Birthday: 5’5 36D Physical Description: Location: Email: Phone: 215-527-0612 Facebook: LinkedIn: A man met Lauren Harman on Tinder and they talked about both being Jewish. They made plans to meet and then have sex. The text messages show that when he was on the way

Is Karen Orres a crazy?

Name: Karen Orres Other Names: karkar73 Birthday: Physical Description: 5’8 34D Location: Erie Pennsylvania USA Email: Phone: 267-253-6750 Facebook: Review: I met Karen Orres on Tinder. We talked about sex some but mostly about dating. We both agreed we were looking for a relationship and we really did have a lot in common.

Is Tiffany Fresch a player?

Name: Tiffany Fresch Other Names: Tiffany Cernicky-Fresch Birthday: Physical Description: red hair, 5’8 Location: Monongahela, Pennsylvania Facebook: Tiffany met a guy on Tinder. They talked for awhile and made plans for a date but Tiffany never showed up. After blowing the guy off he messaged her and she unmatched him. Is Tiffany a player?

Is Liz Murphy a player?

Name: Liz Bauer Murphy Other Names: Birthday: 1976 Physical Description: Blonde Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Email: Phone: Facebook: According to the messages we saw Liz likes to meet men on Tinder and talk about meeting for sex. Then she doesn’t show up and unmatches them.