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Is Stephanie Smith a crazy?

Name: Stephanie Smith Phone: 937-580-6375 Facebook: Other Links: Man meet Stephanie Smith and say when they meet he realize Stephanie have mental issues. He tell us she also not look like her pictures because they old or  filtered and edited. Text messages show man made a polite excuse for

Is Stephany Jones a crazy?

Name: Stephany Jones Other Names: Birthday: 15th of May Physical Description: Dark hair medium height and a little overweight Location: Lexington Kentucky USA Email: Phone: 859-421-9633 Facebook: Instagram: Other Links: According to the messages we saw Stephany Jones met a man on Tinder and they talked about sex. Stephany admitted

Is Courtney Smith a player?

Name: Courtney Smith Other Names: Kourtney Koo Description: Location: Email: moc.o1675254270ohay@1675254270044ye1675254270ntruo1675254270cs1675254270 Phone: 513-290-2343 Facebook: Courtney met a man on Craigslist and they made plans to meet for sex. She didn’t show up for that date. They made plans for a second date and she also didn’t show up or respond