Is Candice Keesee a player?

Candice Keesee
Candice Keesee
Name: Candace Keesee
Other Names:
Birthday: 1981
Physical Description: six foot, 180 pounds
Email: moc.l1679664971iamto1679664971h@lri1679664971gsees1679664971eek1679664971
Phone: 502-751-4702
Dating Profiles:

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Candice met a man online and they talked about hooking up. They made plans but Candice canceled. After that they continued to talk and Candice sent dirty pics of herself. The guy tried making plans again but Candice stopped responding to his text messages.

Is Candice a player?

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  1. I know she hurts people who truely loved her and her kids and lied about feeling the same . She would leave her owb dog who loved her and never look back

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