Busting the player’s excuses

If you are a game player the only way you get off the list is if the person that reported you writes us and tells us they were wrong or that you apologized and worked things out.

Still, we have received  a few emails from players that admitted to what was reported about them by our readers and they all have excuses so we would take them off.

Here are those excuses busted…

  1. Excuse: All I find are married guys so I send fake photos and blew them off if I don’t like them
    Reply: Because a guy is a fake and a liar, does not make it ok for you to also be a fake and a liar.
  2. Excuse: I send out fake information because I am afraid of being raped or killed.
    : How does sending fake pics keep you from getting raped or killed? It doesn’t. You can’t get chopped up in a public restaurant
  3. Excuse: I was just playing around, its online, it isn’t real. No one cares.
    Reply: You are the definition of a player. You may not be sincere but a lot of people online are. When they post a personal ad they are really hoping to meet someone worth spending their time and energy on. I am sure we can all think of an example where we were really mad/upset that someone wasted hours, days or even weeks of our time. People should be warned about you and that is what we do.
  4. Excuse: I didn’t show up for our date or call him ever again because I got scared and chickened out. I am a girl and we have to be careful so we don’t get killed or raped.
    Reply: So you let a guy plan a date, sit alone at a public restaurant and look like a loser because you completely blew him off but you think you shouldn’t be on here? WRONG!
  5. Excuse: Any excuse having to do with getting raped or killed
    Reply: You are MUCH more likely to be raped on a college campus coming home from class than a date with a guy you met on a personals website. You are MUCH more likely to be killed by a family member or close friend than someone you meet online. Unless you are going to shun your family and avoid people with college educations your reasoning is bullshit
  6. Excuse: I have talked to a lot of people and I can’t think of who has said reported me so I am not sure who to contact and apologize to.
    Reply: If you lied to so many people that you can’t figure out who might have told us about you, then you deserve to be here

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