Is Bridget Carman a crazy?

Name: Bridget Carman
Birthday: 1976
Physical Description:
Phone: 937-903-6354
Review: Bridget was on OKCupid and we talked for weeks. She is a total freak and is completely down for the kinky stuff. Tried making plans to meet a bunch of times and she always made an excuse but she liked to talk dirty so I kept trying. Then one day she went crazy. Starts talking about how all men are abusive and I  just want to beat her up and control her like her exhubby. She told me she was into the kinky stuff but we never talked about beating anybody up. If she said stuff like that about me I know she would make up stuff about guys so I stopped messaging her.

The man sent screenshots of messages from Bridget Carman proving she did attack him and call him names. From the messages we saw there was no reason for her to act that way. Is Bridget Carman is a crazy? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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  1. She is certainly imbalanced. Maybe her ex did abuse her and her mental issues are because of that

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