Is Brandy L Stephens a player?

Name: Brandy L Stephens
Other Names: 
Birthday: Oct 27th
Description: 5’9 160 36D
Location: Burlington, KY
Email: moc.l1685480536iamg@1685480536yk67s1685480536lb1685480536

Brandy met a guy on Tinder. Same story as usually. They talked about sex and she is into some really kinky stuff. They made plans to meet but she stopped responding to his messages.
We were able to find her email and Facebook from her pics. Is Brandy a player?

2 Replies to “Is Brandy L Stephens a player?”

  1. Yes, same old story. Women always complain about “players”, but women on Tinder and dating sites are just as bad. They waste your time, get their kicks by toying with guys with no plans to ever really meet. Glad this site is here to expose them. Wish you’d been around a few years ago. Good work.

  2. [comment edited to only show information about person being reviewed] I’ve met her and know her to be a very kind person!

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