Is Brandy Gilbert a player?

Name: Brandy Gilbert
Email: moc.o1685830319ohay@168583031967elo1685830319cnoty1685830319aP1685830319 and moc.o1685830319ohay@168583031967tre1685830319bligy1685830319dnarb1685830319
Location: Lawrenceburg, Indiana

According to the email sent to us Brandy used the moc.o1685830319ohay@168583031967elo1685830319cnoty1685830319aP1685830319 to respond to a man’s personal ad and they talked some. When he tried making plans with her she explained that she expected to be financially compensated in exchange for her company.

Update: Brandy wrote another man using the same moc.o1685830319ohay@168583031967elo1685830319cnoty1685830319aP1685830319, they made plans to meet but she stopped replying. Then Brandy answered another personal ad by the same man and gave him the moc.o1685830319ohay@168583031967tre1685830319bligy1685830319dnarb1685830319 email address. She couldn’t remember what the ad said even though she just answered it. When he questioned her story she stopped responding.

Update: June 2012: We have found out that Brandy is a dancer at an adult club called “Concepts” in Indiana and also works as an escort.

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  1. Not an escort just a dancer. On my dancer page when any man would say anything out of place I would put their messages on my page and reveal them. I have never answered any ads for anything. Funny how when someone won’t do what someone wants they get put on a site like this and they have their whole self talked down about and it’s disgusting especially when it’s not the truth.

  2. We see the email that you did answer ads and ask for money. If people not want to believe what reported they no have to

  3. The only thing I ever did was one private show with one guy. No sexual acts nothing. I never offered any type of sexual acts for money.

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