Is Brandi 989-944-8883 a player?

Name: Brandi
Other Names: Scarlet
Birthday: 1975
Physical Description: 5’6, slim, bleach blonde
Location: Coldwater Michigan USA
Phone Number: 989-944-8883
Brandi met a man on a dating app. The exchanged numbers and screenshots of the text messages show that Brandi admitted to lying about her name online and also that she had herpes. The man still asked her out on a date but Brandi never showed. The man continued trying to contact Brandi but she ghosted him.
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Update October 2022: Another man contacted us and the screenshots of text messages he sent show he also met Brandi online. She admitted that she had herpes and was looking for someone to have sex with. They made plans to hookup but Brandi never came to the bar they were supposed to meet at.

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  1. Didnt meet up with me either but she is nuttier than a peanut butter factory but I knew that when she said shes a hair dresser least she was honest about having herpes only two of her pics don’t have crazy filters but I will send em to u

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