Is Becky Edwards a player or a cheater?

Name: Becky Edwards
Location: Sardinia Ohio USA
Description: 5’7 120, green eyes
Phone: 937-690-9803 9376909803

A guy sent us a report about Becky. They met on a dating website and talked for awhile. He says she always asked him to come out to her house to “hang out” late at night after her kids were in bed. He told her he wasn’t interested in friends and sitting around watching TV all night. That he wanted to go on dates and find a girlfriend.

She keeps bugging him and he tells her no, that isn’t what she is looking for. So she slips up and admits she has a boyfriend. When he accuses her of being a cheater she says she was never going to have sex with him, just hang out and be friends.

He sent us screen shots of her text messages so we saw she really did ask him to come over late at night when she already had a boyfriend. We also saw where he made it clear he wanted a girlfriend and she said she was looking for a relationship.

So is Becky a player or a cheater? We hope someone will recognize her and help us figure this out.


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