Is Azzizza a player?
Azzizza aka Spitfire912

Name: Azzizza aka A.A.
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Birthday: 1988
Email Address:
Description: 5’0″, 110lbs

Story: The story goes this girl likes to send pics, talk freaky for a few weeks and then disappear. While she is gorgeous, why does she make plans to meet someone and not show up?

Update: This young lady contacted us and asked us to remove her pics. At first she denied any wrong doing but when we asked her about things in the emails that had been forwarded to us she admitted they were true and made excuses. She said that she never met guys because she just wanted to talk and was scared to meet anyone in person.

Update #2: We received a message from another guy telling the same story. Said he drove 2 hours to meet her and she never showed up and he never heard from her again. He included more pics which we have added to her profile. We figure at this rate we should have her real name before the end of the year.

Update #3: We received a comment on this post that her real name is Azzizza. Unfortunately this comment had to be deleted because it included cursing which we cannot allow. We hope that this person reposts their comments without the foul language. He can also contact us directly if he has any information he would like to ad



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