Is Ashley Messer moc.l1695433513iamg@1695433513resse1695433513meyel1695433513hsa1695433513 a cheater?


Name: Ashley Messer
Email: moc.l1695433513iamg@1695433513resse1695433513meyel1695433513hsa1695433513

According to the emails we received Ashley wanted to cheat on her man. She likes to play games with men by sending them dirty pics (like the ones in the album below) but then never follows through. So was she just a player? Or a cheater?

Update: We recently received a report of another man that had a similar run in with Ashley. He stated that she would tease him and promise all kinds of thing but then make excuses and break their dates. He said she also had a lot of mental issues and would blame everyone for her problems. He claimed that he confronted her about her games and she stopped talking to him. Then a few weeks later she contacted him acting like nothing was wrong and needing money.

Update: We received a new report that Ashley is back and looking for men to give her money for spending time with them. She also has new photos that we added to the album below.

Ashley Messer moc.l1695433513iamg@1695433513resse1695433513meyel1695433513hsa1695433513

4 Replies to “Is Ashley Messer moc.l1695433513iamg@1695433513resse1695433513meyel1695433513hsa1695433513 a cheater?”

  1. Yes ashley is a cheater… She and I met a few times, always dropped her off away from her house… She is a lil slut and only 19-20 years old. Its crazy to see so many women i met from cl here… all hoes..

  2. I met Ashley also. Was always asking to borrow money but never paid me back. I always had to drop her off down the street from her house because she said her mom was a crazy drug addict and would attack us if she saw me.

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