Is Ashley Jackson a fake or a player?

Name: Ashley Jackson
Other Names:
Birthday: 1976
Physical Description:
Location: Minneapolis Minnesota USA
Email: moc.l1686139368iamg@16861393682103n1686139368oskca1686139368jyelh1686139368sa1686139368
Scam Warning:
A man found this scammer on Tinder and her profile read as follows.

I dont want a relationship, i want consistently good sex and good converssation, someone to take edge of life, nothing serious and no pressure. See my 3rd pic? If yes then Good, you can contact me there and just say “MN” so I know youre from here..

The third picture was edited to include the email address moc.l1686139368iamg@16861393682103n1686139368oskca1686139368jyelh1686139368sa1686139368. In searches that email address is linked to multiple dating scams.

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