Is Ashley Davis a cheater or a player?

Name: Ashley Davis
Description: 5’8″, 165lbs, 36B, medium shirt, size 10-12
Birthday: October 12th
Location: Fairfield, OH
Email: ten.t1679660328ta@bs1679660328mnafy1679660328ffub1679660328
Phone: 937-305-0481
Dating Profiles:

According to the reports Ashley met a man online and confessed to him she liked older men and was into BDSM. It was Ashleys birthday so they made plans to meet after the weekend. He says that Ashley texted him through the weekend but on the day of their date stopped responding.

Update 2015: Another man wrote us and said he had dated Ashley for awhile and he believed she was cheating on him. The dates did seem to be close. He provided us with a lot of additional info.

Is Ashley a player or a cheater?

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