Is Ashlee Luna a player?

Name: Ashlee Erin Luna
Other Name: AshleeLu
Email: moc.o1685830869ohay@168583086912nir1685830869eeelh1685830869sa1685830869
Phone: 5133171189
Dating Profiles:

According to the report Ashlee met a guy on Tinder and made plans to meet with him but then didn’t respond to any of his messages until after they were supposed to meet. The guy was stupid enough to try again and again Ashlee blew him off and never replied to his texts.

ashlee luna moc.o1685830869ohay@168583086912nir1685830869eeelh1685830869sa1685830869

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  1. She had a kid that’s not her dudes! He has no clue! I just saw that she got busted for stealing drugs from the hospital that she worked at. It was all over the news and I recognized her. She’s a dead beat, approach with caution!

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