Is Ariel Andrews a fake or a player?

Name: Ariel Andrews
Other Names: pissbride
Physical Description: 5′ 7″, 130lbs, dark hair that may be bleached, pierced nipples, tattoo of ivy and butterfly on abdomen
Email: moc.o1675642289ohay@1675642289nuf9k1675642289leira1675642289
Dating Profiles:

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According to the emails shared with us Ariel contacted a man and said she wanted to be involved in extreme sex including urination and bestiality. She sent pics that were pornographic including pictures of her being urinated on.

Ariel told the man she was 42. We found a profile for her on a pornographic website called that says she is 52. They agreed to meet at a hotel but Ariel never came to the hotel. We found that the pics she had sent him were 4-5 years old.

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